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Extreme work heights
combined with single
door access!

- Working height 95’ – 170’

- Single door access to 138’

- Double jib

- Wheels or tracks

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Groundbreaking lithium
battery technology
combined w/ combustion
engine & single door access.

- Working Height 39’-85'

- Single door access to 59’

- Auto outrigger leveling

- Setup on uneven surface

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Cost efficient, simple and
effective compact lifts.

- Working height 72’ – 92’

- Single door access

- Set up on uneven surfaces

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Advanced electric scissor
lifts in two categories:
Ultra-Compact and
Crossover 4x4

- Ultra compact working

height 56’ – 74’

- Only 48” wide

- Crossover from 49' - 58'

- All units fully electric

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A clever design and
strong components make
the Bibilift the ideal
multi-tasking tool!

- Working Heights from

13' to 26'

- Track Based Chassis

- Auto-leveling

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This truck mounted lift is
the new dimension of
access flexibility with an
impressive 108’ working
height and 69’ outreach.

- NO CDL required, total

weight at 24,900!

- 700lbs Basket Capacity

- Ford F650 Diesel

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Lift, transport and install
any airtight material
up to 2200 lbs!

- Lift capacity from

770 lbs–2200 lbs

- Ultra compact

- Lift any airtight material

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Pick and carry cranes that
can lift, move and set very
heavy loads without the
use of outriggers.

- Lift capacity from

4,400 lbs

- Lift height up to 11’6”

- Ultra compact

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Haul your load
safely and securely
with a custom built
trailer from Reachmaster

- Custom built for you

- Multi-use

- Heavy duty floor & bracing



It is not by chance we have become the leading supplier of compact aerial lift and material handling equipment in North America.

I’m confident you’ll not only find a solution to your aerial and material handling needs, but also a company to whom safety has been the number one priority for more than 75 years. And we intend to keep it that way. You will find that we offer much more than just equipment, we offer safe and effective solutions to all of your applications.

We look forward to taking on your challenge.

Welcome to ReachMaster - the original atrium lift provider.

Ebbe H. Christensen, President

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