Visit us at The ARA Rental Show and ConExpo

Visit us at The ARA Rental Show and ConExpo


This year at The ARA Rental Show ReachMaster will be showing the BIBI 26BL and Dinolift 69XTB, along with the Winlet 1320 at our booth #4982.


Come by our booths at the ARA Rental Show and at ConExpo and have a chat, and see our new and very exciting products. We are looking forward to seeing you.


Bibi 26 BL – Our Bibilift 26 BL is a small, compact scissor lift that can travel places no other small scissor lifts have ever gone before, which is due to one special feature: Tracks. 16472905_1315162595207726_3045347518281461649_nThe combination of a small scissor stack on a track based chassis presents a complete new range of use for a much safer and efficient way to get the job done. With a 26’ working height powered by a Honda gasoline engine, this BIBI26 can operate on sloped and soft surfaces. It is able to reach full height on sloped or uneven surfaces without the use of outriggers.


Dinolift 69XTB– The Dinolift 69XTB is extremely lightweight compared to traditional boom lifts, and it is easy to move around from site to site. It has a flexible set-up and has a max working height of 69’ and a max out reach of 38’5″. The Dinolift 69XTB can offer the same safety and reach capabilities as boom lifts, yet remains much more versatile, flexible and easy to transport.


This year ReachMaster has some new and very exciting products we are going to show at Booth: Gold Lot G3831 and Booth: Gold Lot G2794


ReachMaster Falcon FS108Z Vario

We are very excited to show our new ReachMaster Falcon FS108Z Vario. It is the world premier on a brand new lift in the Falcon line with a new and lighter track-based undercarriage from the FS105T that was launched at Bauma combined with the arm system from the FS108Z, resulting in record breaking side reach and a more compact format. CECA-2017-RGB


Bibi BL33 EVO and Bibi HE26– it does not stop here. We will also be presenting the all new Bibi BL33 EVO, and Bibi HE26, which will be presented in the US for the first time.

The Bibi line took the world with storm last year by introducing the concept of a bi-leveling track-based undercarriage with a 26 ft. scissor lift (work height). It is the only lift concept of its kind that allows the lift to adjust both front and rear and left and right. This makes it possible to use in uneven terrain, slopes, side walks and a multiple of applications where a regular scissor lift cannot work and bigger units and type of equipment is either too expensive or simply cannot get into the work application. Not only does the BL33 provide an additional 7 ft. vertical reach, it also offers dynamic leveling which means the unit will not only auto level in set position, but also when driving. Imagine going over a rough, uneven terrain and the platform and operator remains in level position while the undercarriage adjusts to the surroundings.


Bibi HE26- is based on the same concept, however, equipped with outriggers. This allows that unit to be even narrower and provide single door access, yet still drive and operate in uneven terrain. Again, no other lift can access areas that this lift can, and we will further more show the BL26, which is the model we currently sell. There will be an active demonstration area inside our booth where visitors can see the unit in action on a special built demonstration platform.

The video will give you a quick look at what you can expect.


Dinolift RXT87– This 4×4 outrigger based boom lift was introduced to the US market 2 years ago as the only type of its kind that can operate on uneven terrain (both drive and set up) which no standard boom lift can do. But most importantly it weighs in at less than 10,000 lbs. This means it can operate on soft terrain and sensitive surfaces where a standard boom lift simply is too heavy. The model we will show at the ConExpo will furthermore be equipped with the so-called tree-care package, which includes better protection of outriggers and softer turf tires.


Bluelift B85 Combo– Launched last year to the US market this model has quickly become the most asked for lift in the model range, which include the B53, B59, B72 and B85. It is still the only brand and model to offer BOTH lithium batteries combined with a combustion engine (gas or diesel) on the same unit, call the Combo model. It is at the same time the by far most compact lift in its class, upwards 5 ft. shorter than its competition, and it is the only lift that will provide side-reach with the outriggers in narrow position. Demand was so high in 2016 that we had a significant wait time for the unit, but as we approach ConExpo we should have caught up and have units available again.


Winlet– now represents the most extensive range of self-propelled so-called glass lifts, which really is not a good description, as the units will lift any airtight material. From the base model 770 (770 lbs. capacity) to the new Winlet 2200 (world premiere at the Glass Built show in Las Vegas in 2016), we carry a range of different Winlets to meet your needs. Also new this year is the model right below the top model, the Winlet 1730 (again 1730 lbs. capacity), and finally we will show by far, by our most popular model, the Winlet 1265 (1265 lbs. capacity).





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