BIBI Lift 26BL-W

ReachMaster introduces BIBI Lift: small, compact scissor lifts that can travel places no other small scissor lifts have ever gone before for one reason: Tracks. The genius combination of a small scissor stack on a track based chassis presents a complete new range of use for a much safer and more efficient way to get the job done than ever seen before.

The BIBI 26 BL-W features a 25'11" working height, single door/gate access and has both a 220v electric motor and a Honda gasoline engine. It has proportional controls, 550lbs basket capacity and weighs only 5423 lbs. Thanks to its tracks the BIBI Lift can drive on sloped and soft surfaces, - a big no-no for standard scissor lifts.  That alone is impressive, but that's the least revolutionary part of this lift:  With the patent-pending Bi-Leveling feature the BIBI Lift 26 BL-W is able to set up and reach full height on sloped or uneven ground WITHOUT the use of outriggers - something that small scissor lifts have historically never had the capability to achieve. The BIBI Lift has a bi-leveling chassis for up to 25° gradeability and adjustable tracks that can accommodate a 21° side slope.

BIBI Lift 26 BL-W

Working height 25ft 11in
Max Capacity 550lbs
Overall Width 4ft 4in - 4ft 11in
Overall Length 6ft 5in
Overall Height 5ft 3in (with folded railings)
Total weight 5423lbs


BIBI Lift Brochure


  • Honda GX930 Engine
  • Single Door/Gate Access
  • Directional Control System
  • Bi-leveling tracks (front, rear & side)
  • 26ft work height
  • 16ft drive height
  • Auto leveling
  • Inclination control system
  • Expandable basket
  • Electro/Hydraulic Brakes
  • Adjustable Tracks
  • Easy to Transport
  • Diesel Hatz 1B40
  • Power generator
  • Electric pump

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Small scissor lifts on wheels have been around for many years, now for the first time a small scissor lift can go places where no other small scissor lift has traveled before. Thanks to the genius combination of a small scissor stack and track based chassis, ReachMaster is again presenting a safer way to get the job done. Easy to transport, clever design and strong components makes the BIBI Lift ideal as a multitasking tool.

BIBI Lift Models

Ruthmann Reachmaster

Ruthmann Reachmaster