Bluelift B101

The B101 features an innovative electro-hydraulic system which gives the user ability to operate two independent functions at the same time, improved efficiency, the convenience of one controller fits all and many, many more. The Bluelift also features:

-Automatic outrigger setting and leveling

-Ability to set up on uneven surfaces

-Hetronic radio remote control

-Non marking tracks

Bluelift B101 Specs

Working height  101ft 8in
Max Outreach  56ft 9in
Basket load  550lbs
Overall Width  3ft 3in
Overall Height  6ft 6in
Total weight  10,361lbs


Bluelift B101 Brochure

  • Automatic stability & outreach control
  • Basket rotation
  • Diesel engine
  • Manual pump for emergency lowering
  • Hetronic radio remote control
  • 2 person basket
  • Proportional track drive with hydraulic braking system
  • Non marking tracks 
  • 110V to the basket
  • Adjustable tracks
  • Automatic turret center stop


  • COMBO Lithium battery and diesel engine
  • Lithium battery pack

The Bluelift is the perfect solution when you have surface pressure restrictions, limited access and need moderate work height. The Bluelift is the ONLY compact lift in its class with both lithium batteries and combustion engine. For indoor applications the lithium battery option functions at 100% speed of gas engine whereas machines running on 110V only function at approximately 40%. The Bluelift is also the smallest compact lift in it's class making it perfect for tight indoor and outdoor applications.

The Bluelift is ideal for many different types of construction projects and is ideal to have in your rental fleet. Having a Bluelift enables you to offer your customers solutions in many types of compact situations. From installing light fixtures or HVAC components to doing repairs on a residential home, the Bluelift can get places no other piece of equipment can and will yield amazing return on investment.

Tree Care:
Having a Bluelift in the tree care industry will give you advantages that very few other companies have. The Bluelift can replace bucket trucks and grow business opportunities as it can access areas through a single gate and set up around otherwise impossible areas such as: golf courses, walkways, courtyards, decks, pools, amusement park attractions, gardens and other areas with limited access or surface pressure concerns.

Facility/Building Maintenance:
The Bluelift makes it easy to maintain buildings from changing light bulbs to hanging Christmas decorations and everything in between. Common types of facilities the Bluelift can be found in: stadiums, convention centers, performing arts facilities, museums, airports, colleges, churches, casinos, hotels, aquariums, amusement parks, malls, corporate headquarters and many more.

From  warehouses to power plants the Bluelift is your solution when you need moderate work height combined with limited space to maneuver equipment in. The Bluelift is ideal for many industrial applications including exterior use when low surface pressure requirements or the need to set up on uneven ground occur.

Window Cleaning:
The Bluelift is the perfect solution for all types of window cleaning whether it be interior work on high rise buildings, large atriums, courtyards or exterior window washing. The Bluelift has extremely light surface pressure and can travel through standard single doors. It can also set up on uneven surfaces making set-up outside a breeze.

It's time to cut the cord! The Bluelift is the first compact lift in its class to offer both lithium batteries and combustion engine on board. You no longer need to plug in your electric compact lift into a 110V outlet which means no more slow speeds, no more extension cords and no more frustration. The lithium battery hybrid option is not available on the B39.

Bluelift Models

Ruthmann Reachmaster

Ruthmann Reachmaster