Falcon FS105

The FS105 has a work height of 105 feet and at only 31" wide can travel through a standard single door.  The FS105 is the most lightweight compact lift in its class and comes standard with auto safety and stability system and a multi-positioning outrigger system. It also features:

-20’ double jib for hard to reach areas

-Ability to drive from basket

-Wheels or tracks

-Dual power: battery and combustion engine

Falcon FS105 Specs

Working height  105ft
Max Outreach  46ft
Basket load  440lbs
Overall Width  2ft 7in
Overall Height  6ft 6in
Total weight  9130lbs


Falcon FS105 Brochure

FS95 105.pdf-RMI 1

  • Access through 2.6ft. Wide x 6.6ft. High door openings
  • Automatic safety and stability system ensures optimum outreach and maximum safety
  • Multi-positioning outriggers allow for individual adjustment and setting of each outrigger in both horizontal and vertical positions
  • Full hydraulic 200º double jib 20ft. Arm system with individual movement of both jibs
  • Self-propelled electro hydraulic drive system, operational from the basket
  • Working height, up to 105ft. In minutes and 380º turret rotation, with integrated stop
  • Due to its unique outrigger design, the Falcon FS105 can self-load on trucks or trailers
  • Proportional control of all functions via joysticks
  • Electronic supervision of the power system simplifies trouble-shooting errors and minimizes breakdowns
  • Manual pump system for lowering of the basket in case of emergency
  • 110V chargeable battery power system


  • 180º Basket Rotation
  • Small Basket
  • Medium Basket
  • Large Basket


  • Non-marking white rubber tires (single axle 3 pieces)
  • Floor protective rubber outrigger plates (4 pieces)


  • Diesel engine (Hatz 9.7 kW with silent package)
  • Gas engine for unleaded regular gas (Honda 3.0 kW)
  • 110V AC direct powered electro motors
  • 4 extra batteries


  • Automatic outrigger set up
  • Chassis control from basket (wheel based version only)
  • 360º continuous turret rotation
  • Two wheel drive with hydraulic brake system (wheel based)
  • Three wheel drive with hydraulic brake system (wheel based)
  • Twin wheels (additional quick lock set of wheels)
  • Outrigger with flexible knee joint
  • Narrow outrigger setting (8.4ft)
  • 110V AC power supply in the basket
  • Inter communication system between turret and basket (Storno)
  • Air/ water supply in basket (one hose)
  • Air/ water supply in basket (two hoses)
  • Anemometer, wind warning system
  • Sensor System on Basket
  • Height control switch

The ReachMaster Falcon is the perfect solution when you have surface pressure restrictions, limited access and need extreme work height. The Falcon is the only lift in the world that can get through a single doorway while reaching heights from 95' - 138'.


Facility/Building Maintenance:
The ReachMaster Falcon makes it easy to maintain buildings from changing light bulbs to hanging Christmas decorations and everything in between. Common types of facilities the Falcon can be found in: stadiums, convention centers, performing arts facilities, museums, airports, colleges, churches, casinos, hotels, aquariums, amusement parks, malls, corporate headquarters and many more.

Tree Care:
Having a ReachMaster Falcon in the tree care industry will give you advantages that very few other companies have. The Falcon can replace bucket trucks and grow business opportunities as it can access areas through a single gate and set up around otherwise impossible areas such as: golf courses, walkways, courtyards, decks, pools, amusement park attractions, gardens and other areas with limited access or surface pressure concerns.

Window Cleaning:
The Falcon is the perfect solution for all types of window cleaning whether it be interior work on high rise buildings, large atriums, courtyards or exterior window washing. The Falcon has extremely light surface pressure and can travel through standard single doors. It can also set up on uneven surfaces making set-up outside a breeze.

From subway stations to water treatment plants the ReachMaster Falcon is your solution when you need extreme work height combined with limited space to maneuver equipment in. The Falcon is ideal for many industrial applications including exterior use when low surface pressure requirements or the need to set up on uneven ground occur.

The ReachMaster Falcon is ideal for many different types of construction projects and is ideal to have in your rental fleet. Having a Falcon enables you to offer your customers solutions in any type of compact situation. From installing light fixtures or HVAC components to doing repairs on a residential home, the Falcon can get places no other piece of equipment can.

  • Falcon 105
  • Falcon 105
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  • Falcon FS105
Standard features include our world renowned, automatic safety and stability system, which provides maximum safety as well as our unique multi-position outrigger system, which allows for set-up on uneven surfaces.

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