Winlet 1320

Winlet 1320

The Winlet 1320 increases efficiency and speed in glass and window installation while improving safety in the workplace. The Winlet 1320 features 4 suction cups which will hold an impressive 1320 lbs. of material. The Winlet will carry any type of air tight material including: granite, concrete, steel, aluminum, wooden plates, tiles and fire doors just to name a few. Other features of the Winlet are:

-Self propelled

-Access narrow doorways, elevators and balconies

-Twin wheels for rough terrain operation

-User friendly and easy to transport

Winlet 1320 Specs

Lift Capacity   1320lbs
Max Lift height   9ft 1in
Width   2ft 11in
Length   5ft 2in
Tilt Function   160 degrees
Total weight   2335lbs



  • Lifts 1320 lbs
  • Safer than manual handling
  • Self propelled
  • Improve job efficiency and work environment
  • Access narrow doorways, elevators and balconies
  • Twin wheels for rough terrain operations
  • User friendly
  • Easy to transport
  • Increase efficiency
  • Double action safety keys
  • Improve safety on jobsites
  • Gyro feature standard
  • Increase your bottom line
  • Multi functional control box


  • Quick connector
  • Twin wheels for rough terrain
  • Support wheels – extra stability
  • Lifting fork for pallets
  • Lifting hook for straps
  • Forklift Adapter

winlet glass installer

A revolutionary new way of installing windows, glass or air tight materials using the Winlet. Improve installation by transporting and installing window elements weighing up to 1320 lbs. The Winlet is self propelled and extremely compact allowing the operator easy access to their work area. These units are lightweight and easy to transport.

Winlet Models

Ruthmann Reachmaster

Ruthmann Reachmaster