Bluelift for building maintenanceThe ReachMaster Bluelift is an advanced line of track based aerial compact lifts with working heights from 39’ – 85’ and SINGLE door access up to 59′. The Bluelift is the only compact lift in North America that is a true hybrid offering both lithium batteries and combustion engine on board.  The hybrid is an extremely versatile unit that can operate well both indoors and out. It will work an 8 hour day on the batteries and then just needs to be plugged in for about 5 to completely re-charge. The lithium batteries function at the same speed as the engine which is more valuable than you may realize. Typical compact crawler lifts plug into an 110v outlet to run electrically. Have you ever run a lift this way? It is quite painful to watch because it is SO slow. Paint drying slow (or for you technical people about 35% speed as the combustion engine).

If you look at the Bluelift vs. the competition it is more compact. It is shorter in length and height, has a smaller footprint and weighs less all while offering impressive working heights and outreach (the best in the biz!). All benefits to you! Also worth noting is that the Bluelift has all hydraulic hoses and cylinders placed underneath or inside of the boom instead of on top. You know how brutal customers can be on equipment- having everything protected by the boom means less damage to the lift by falling objects = less downtime. All Bluelifts come standard with auto-leveling, non-marking tracks and 110v/Bluelift B72 from Reachmasterair/water to the basket.

Bluelift crawlers feature new revolutionary technology including an innovative electro-hydraulic system which gives the user ability to operate two independent functions at the same time, improved efficiency, the convenience of one controller fits all and many more. This provides simplified and reduced control circuits, increased power and the ability to dial in functions with full proportional control. In use the lift is smooth, precise and fast, making it ideal for rental, tree care, building maintenance and window cleaning to name a few.

Bluelift B72 from ReachmasterThe new system, coupled with Bluelift’s already class-leading Lithium Hybrid technology will revolutionize how the industry defines the latest generations of compact lifts. By improving the operator interface significantly these hugely versatile stalwarts of the powered access world have become more accessible, safe and simple to use.

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