Reachmaster, Inc. and Able Equipment win the prestigious award for “Access Project of the Year”

Reachmaster, Inc. and Able Equipment win the prestigious award for “Access Project of the Year”


On November 11 at the Biltmore Hotel in Miami almost 200 attendees came together for the inaugural ALH Conference & Awards. ReachMaster and Able Equipment won the award for “Access Project of the Year” for their joint efforts at the Fulton Street Transit Center. Judges said, “This was a unique application with a versatile product that will become more popular in the Americas. Able Equipment supplied a Falcon FS121 and delivery of the machine was conducted while trains were running in both directions.” Judges were impressed by the entire project.

The Fulton Center is a $1.4 billion project completed in 2014 by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), a public agency of New York City. The Fulton Center is a complicated project as it connects half of all the subway lines in New York City and sees approximately 300,000 people pass through the station daily.

ReachMaster, Inc. started the initial evaluation of the project in 2003 with the building architects well before building construction started. In 2013 ReachMaster, Inc. was able to do the first actual evaluation of the Fulton Center construction site with several walk-throughs and meetings with the contractors, construction companies and other key players in the project, including the MTA.

Project Criteria:

– 120’ work height needed to clean & maintain the glass/steel atrium from below ground level
– Single Door Access
– Load lift onto a train car in the Bronx
– Travel through the subway to deliver the lift to an underground level
– Offload lift at the subway station onto the platform
– Maneuver lift through doorway and construction work to get into the building
– Perform delivery in 4 hours while one subway track is shut down

The Falcon FS121 is the only aerial lift in the world that features 121’ work height and single door access combined with an extremely small footprint and low weight making it the perfect lift for the Fulton Center. Due to the complexity of the project ReachMaster created a project team to coordinate the critical details of delivery of the Falcon FS121 which included training and logistics personnel as well as employees from Able Equipment (Deer Park, NY)- one of ReachMaster’s dealer partners. After many months of coordinating and analyzing the delivery scenario it was decided that the New York Transit System would shut down one subway track for 4 hours in order to deliver the lift safely. Let it be noted, subway trains were constantly traveling in both directions mere inches away from where the FS121 was being offloaded, as it was the only track available.

The FS121 will be used to clean and maintain the glass and metal atrium structure in the main entrance of the Fulton Center from below ground level. The lift could not be placed at street level due to the design of the building which features a narrow walkway that circles around the outer edge of the open atrium overlooking the level below.

The Fulton Station represents a beautiful and significant place to enter and exit the new World Trade Center. It will serve as a beacon of freedom, and demonstrate the resolve of the United States, and the people of New York City. ReachMaster is honored to be a part of such architectural brilliance and a stunning landmark that will be enjoyed for many years to come.

To see the full project and pictures please click here

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