Two new product lines coming to ConExpo 2014

Two new product lines coming to ConExpo 2014


ReachMaster is moving to the Gold Lot in 2014 with its largest booth ever (#2765) with good reason as the company is launching both two new product lines as well as new models from the current lineup.

mightcrane-gallery-2From Japan comes the Mighty Crane- a line of mini cranes featuring capacity in excess of 6500 lbs, 41 ft. reach and pick-and-carry options. The mini crane category has grown in the US over the past year, thanks to compact format and ability to access areas that other cranes cannot enter. ReachMaster will show two models, and demonstrate their capabilities.

pb lift upright

From Germany comes PB Lifttehnick, a line of highly advanced scissor lifts in two categories. The first is the ultra-compact segment; the unit on display will be only 4 ft wide, yet able to reach 74 ft. The second is a cross-over all electric 4×4 scissor lift line with work height up to 72 ft. These battery driven lifts will be setting new standards for the “green segment” and eliminate the need for diesel powered units.

ReachMaster will also show new models from the current line up:

The only compact lift with both lithium batteries and gas engineBluelift will present their new 59 ft. unit, which like the best-seller – the Bluelift B72 – will be available in three versions, including a full lithium battery version, and the revolutionary combo, where the unit features both lithium batteries and combustion engine. The B59 is only 32 inches wide, and will go through a single door.

From the Falcon line is a new revised version of the FS105-Z, which is the most popular model in Europe in its work range. The combination of an articulating lower section with a telescoping upper boom and jib has proven to be a winner in many outdoor applications. It will furthermore boast the new remote control system that will be available on all Falcons in the future.Winlet Glass Lifts

Finally, ReachMaster will also show a new model from Winlet, – the glass and window handler that allows one person to pick up, carry and install windows up to 1310 lbs. The new WInlet 1310 will be shown aside the Winlet 770 and WInlet 1265  Glass Robot. In addition to glass, these unites will lift any airtight material.

ReachMaster, Inc. is the leading provider of compact aerial and material handling products. Our product line provides groundbreaking solutions as well as lucrative return on investment that is not commonly experienced. Here you’ll not only find unmatched innovation and customer service but a company whose number one priority is safety.

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Ruthmann Reachmaster

Ruthmann Reachmaster