In addition to being the leading supplier of equipment, ReachMaster offers extensive consulting services involving access solutions to architects, contractors, building owners and access design companies. The use of compact aerial lift – often referred to as atrium lifts – often eliminates costly permanent access installations and allows the highest degree of design freedom to create appealing atrium environments without intrusive access structures.

Our consulting services cater both to pre-design evaluation and existing buildings. Our pre-design activities includes evaluating the best mobile access equipment based on architectural design plans and providing visual suggestions by inserting lift equipment into AutoCAD drawings. The process involves consideration of all aspects- storage, access, travel paths, set-up area (foot print), establishing work/reach envelopes and determining which areas can be reached, from where and how. By being involved in the early stages of the design work, ReachMaster makes a difference by making our competence and experience available not only from North America, but worldwide, gained from involvement with the most complex access projects for almost 4 decades.

We have a long list of references, from the tallest buildings in the world, entertainment parks, airports, museums, sports facilities, shopping malls to train stations, power plants and military applications.

We look forward to helping you with your project.

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    Ruthmann Reachmaster

    Ruthmann Reachmaster